Guardians will be under complete disarray when their minuscule toddler is 4 months old. Presently they need to acquaint him with the universe of strong food varieties. Various commercials on televisions and magazines about child equation food varieties irritate the mess. Did our folks and grandparents confront similar quandary when we were youthful? How could they respond to this present circumstance?

We examined this subject with elderly folks. We coincidentally found numerous simple arrangements which were healthy,Prepare child food or cereal at home Articles nutritious, absent any and all any compound additives and ready at home with adoration and care. The following are not many recipes for your valuable one.

After fourth month child requires strong food to take care of its developing necessities. For this different vegetables like beans, carrots, green departs and heartbeats can be cooked in pressure cooker. The items are squashed and stressed. The delicate semi strong food is taken care of to child with little spoon. Take care to choose just a single vegetable at a time. Cook just not many little bits of it and pound them well. A hint of salt and sugar can be added to improve taste. Feed this as indicated by child’s necessities. Try not to constrain him to consume more. Follow his impulses of different preferences. (For the most part in starting child  łóżeczka dziecięce might take a couple of little spoons of this).Continuing bosom milk alongside these is extremely fundamental as bosom milk gives total sustenance.

At the point when child is 7 months old the accompanying grain dinners, ready at home, can be taken care of.

Rice cereal:

Fixings –

Basumathi rice – 1 cup
Moong dal or green gram-1/4 cup
Jeera or cumin seeds – ¼ spoon

Cook rice and green gram independently till they become minimal brilliant yellow. Broil cumin seeds till they snap. Switch off heat. Permit every one of the fixings to cool to room temperature. Blend all fixings and coarsely powder them in a blender. Store it in a water/air proof compartment. Required amount of this must be cooked well in bubbling water (scarcely requires 5-6 minutes

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